C-130E Flight Engineer
@ Martin State Airport
One of my last flights as a Flight Engineer
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I have logged over 2,850 flying hours as a Flight Engineer aboard the legacy Lockheed
C-130E Hercules aircraft.

Flying duties included:

Performing aircraft inspections. Computing and applying aircraft weight and balance, and
aircraft performance data. Operating and monitoring engine, propeller and aircraft
system controls. Refueling aircraftTroubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning aircraft
systems in support of military contingency operations throughout the world.
Additional (non-flying) duties included:
  • Standardizing aircraft scheduling procedures and forms
  • Creating numerous Powerpoint
  • Developing a standardized training folder system
  • Performing
    refresher training on aircraft systems and performance.
  • Created Baltimore area locator
    guide for transiting aircrews.
  • Creating numerous internatl and external websites.
Received Total Quality Management (TQM) and Cockpit Resource Management (CRM)
Simulator Training.